In the words, with a little “guitartistic” freedom, of the American poet and short-story writer Raymond Carver, I welcome visitors to my website:

Ambition and a touch of luck don't do a guitarist any harm, but too much ambition and bad luck can be fatal. There must be talent, too. Some guitarists have plenty of talent; I don't know of any guitarist without any talent whatsoever. However, the ability to give a composition an individual and precise interpretation is a completely different matter. There is the question of style, but not that alone. Everything that the guitarist interprets must have his or her own characteristic, indisputable stamp. This is the factor, which distinguishes guitarists from each other; it is not talent, for there is sufficient talent around. Guitarists do not need tricks or gimmicks; nor do they even need to be the most intelligent people in the neighbourhood, but sometimes they must be able quite simply to preserve their sense of wonder at the miracle of sound.

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