The International Timo Korhonen Composition Competition

The aim of the competition is to gain new, high-quality chamber music repertoire for school aged classical guitarists. Its goal is to be an important event nationally and internationally and to emphasize the idea of communication as the most important cause to do music.

Timo Korhonen gratefully acknowledge the support from the individual and corporate donors to sponsor this event.



a) The competition is open to all composers regardless of nationality. There is no age limit.


b) The competition has two categories:
- works for duo with guitar(s) and voice or other instrument, duration 5–10 minutes
- works for guitar ensemble (more than 5 players), duration 6–9 minutes

Multi-movement works or single-movement works will be accepted. The use of electronics is allowed.

The composer is responsible for securing the copyrights to the text for the voice composition. In judging the works, the artistic and idiomatic values of the musical ideas of the composition will be taken into account.

The compositions should be suitable  to be performed by students or student(s) and teacher.

The winning works will be performed March 2016 in Turku, Finland.


c) Works entered for the competition must not have been previously published or performed. Only one entry per competition series is permitted per composer. The composer’s estimate of the duration must be marked in the score.


d) Entering the competition. 

Compositions must be submitted to Timo Korhonen in PDF-format. The composer entry must include CV and contact information. The entries have to reach Timo Korhonen by 15th December 2015 at the latest. The sending date is important. Any entries that reach Timo Korhonen after that date will be disqualified. The composer must also affirm that neither the work nor any part of it has previously been performed.


e) Judging.

At the first assessment stage in December-January 2015-16 Timo Korhonen will choose a total of 12 compositions at the most for the final review. The competition finalist compositions will be recorded on video for online community judging. The final will be held over internet by voting through a form that can be filled once. The voting closes March the 15th 2016 and the results will be announced.


f) The following prizes will be awarded:

1000 Euros for the Best Composition for Duo

1000 Euros for the best Composition for Ensemble


g) The organizer reserve the right to première the winning works according the part b) of these rules. The copyrights will remain with the composers. The organizer will have the right to broadcast on radio or television, record, video, and photograph the first performances and to make sound and video recordings of these. All the composers will be informed individually whether or not they have reached the finals.


The International Timo Korhonen Composition Competition

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