Composition Competition Finalists

Timo Korhonen Composition Competition received 42 compositions from composers from 22 countries. After a very difficult selection twelve finalists were chosen. There were many fine works which did not get through, but there will be some honorary mentions to be published later.

Duo Category

Kosuke Hashizume, Japan
Sonotopia, for Guitar and Piano


Michael Hughes, United Kingdom
The Best Parks In Birmingham, for two Guitars


Shigeru Kan-no, Japan
Knock and Glissando, for Piano and Guitar


Valentin Ruckebier, Germany
Pierres Précieuses, for Mandoline and Guitar


Ursula Erhart-Schwertmann, Austria
Dialog, for Cello and Guitar

David Wolfson, United States of America
Intrados, for Flute and Guitar

Ensemble Category

Simone Cardini, Italy
Enantiodromia, for 8 Guitars


Jose Mora-Jimenez, Costa Rica / Netherlands
Mobile No. 4 – Aurora, for Guitar and Guitar Ensemble

Shigeru Kan-no, Japan
Concerto Grosso VIII, for Guitar Orchestra

Shaun Rigney, Australia
Slow Road, for Guitar Ensemble

Per Dybro Sørensen, Denmark
Machinery, for Guitar Ensemble

Andersen Viana, Brazil
In E, for Any Ensemble

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